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   公司创始人涂家复同志是享受国务院津贴的科技专家,主持过多项重要科研项目的研发工作。公司拥有丰富的测量、传感器方面的研发技术和实践经验。公司现主导产品HWGS-2系列红外双色测温仪技术性能达到国际同类产品水平。曾获湖北省科技进步奖,并被列为国家级新产品, 主要应用在钢铁化工等领域。
    公司是由人组织起来的团队, 我们深知人才之重要, 我们崇尚“以人为本”的理念:快乐生活,诚信为人,创新思考!我们渴望和志同道合之士共同创建优秀团队,为社会创造更多、更好的产品, 为自己创造更健康, 快乐的生活!

Company Introduction
    Jingzhou Minguang Tech.co.LTD is located in the developing development zone of high technology ,which is work on instrument's research and in industry for ages.The founder of company, is a science specialist,Tu jia fu,who is enjoying the allowance by State Department,have presided many studies of important science programme.Now,our company owns ample practice experience,and technology on measurement 、 sensor.Series of HWSG-2,is the leading product of our company.The capability of this intelligence IR temperature instrument have reached the international level.It have been won the prize of science progress in HuBei province,and is ranked to new product in our country,mainly apply to steel domain.
    At present,The research programme of Minguang Company is wireless sensor and intelligence measurement instrument.The wireless sensor network is ranked to one of technological developing plans in Jingzhou City,which is a promising technology,it's widely used in industrial production 、 martial security 、 measuring of environment 、 managing of traffic 、 medical affairs 、 agriculture and so on,it's a revolution of information'apperception and collection.
    Our company is a team which has the spirit of the teamwork,we know the significance of person who with abilith,so we advocate the conception of “connecting people”,that is :live happily 、 behave cordially,and innovating thought!We're longing for the people who is in the same camp work together,to create better products for community,to create happier and healthier life for ourselves!

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